Ruff 'n' Tumble: Benifits for you and your dog!

Benefits for your Dog:

- Socialization:  Socialization should be an ongoing and daily part of your dogs life. The benefits of a well socialized dog are countless. We all see the results of lack of adequate socialization in dogs everyday and know what problems, stresses and challenges the dogs and their owners go through. Reduce your stress, socialize!

- Release of excess energy: If you work during the day, chances are you aren’t able to keep up with your dogs physical and mental needs on your own. Daycare gives you a place to relieve your dogs boredom and put that energy to good use, so that when you come home tired, so does he. Put your feet  up and relax!

- Reduction in chance of aggression or fear based behaviours.

- You would find a reduction of most excessive, destructive, or neurotic (anxiety, reactivity) and pretty much any other bad behavior. When a dog is full of energy and left for the day they will often get into things they shouldn't.

- The list goes on....

Benefits to you:

- Lessened guilt over lack of time spent with your dog while you are at work. You can know they are engaging in healthy play.

- You will be able to take your socialized dog into situations which may have caused you stress in the past.

- You can relax during your evenings, knowing that your dog is happy and wanting the relaxation as well.

- More than you could imagine!