Ruff 'n' Tumble: Board and Train

The Board-and-Train dog training programs have an extremely high success rate . The Board-and-Train option is ideal for anyone looking for a  well trained dog or help to work on behavior issues. At Ruff N Tumble we take a limited number of boarding dogs and even more limited number of Board and train as to ensure each pet receives the best of services and care during their stay. Our trainers are positive reinforcement based and follow guidelines set by the Alberta Force Free Alliance.

Benefits: Our Board and Train option is very cost effective. It includes all training as well as daily human and dog socialization sessions, daily exercise and constant work with basic manners at our Doggie Daycare. The program can be customized to cover any topics from standard obedience, specific goals or behavioral rehabilitation.

We include ongoing support to ensure your success. Our goal is to promote good K-9 citizenship in our communities. We  also support K-9 rescue efforts by providing positive training experiences and developing the confidence many rescues need to be successful.

Outline: The preferable program is a three week program and is tailored specifically to your goals and the needs of the dog. You can however make it as long or as short as you like. These programs include all training as well as all boarding costs, daycare and socialization, exercise, behavior modification, etc. All training methods and behavior modification techniques are tailored specifically to your dog.

Although customized to your pet, the typical program has a focus on the social rules and manners of being a dog. Every training program is different but the end goal is the same - the return of a rehabilitated or trained dog.

Included: All of our board-and-train programs include all of the following:

  • Ongoing support for the life of your dog

  • 5-10 customized training sessions each week

  • Written documentation and reference materials

  • In home behavior modification program and suggestions

  • Increased care and attention from our staff

  • If possible,daycare dog socialization with a focus on proper socialization skills .Socialization with experienced handlers to achieve the best manners

  • Overnight boarding

  • Off site training sessions

  • Pet parent training session


Ideal For: Any of the following:

  • General obedience

  • Nervousness / timid

  • Aggressive / reactive

  • Rescue dogs

  • Puppy basics / training

  • Behavior modification

  • Incident rehabilitation

  • Excessive barking

  • Confidence building

  • Proper socialization / under socialized

  • A great option to regular boarding

  • Frustrated owners, busy owners or any owner looking for the best results fast!

Please contact us with any further questions!