Ruff 'n' Tumble: Reviews


Maggie has been coming to RNT for 4 years and she loves it as much now as she did the first time! The only thing better than the facility are the people who work there. I love that they take training in knowing dogs so that the dogs have a fun but also safe play experience. RNT is the best!

- Lezlie

For anyone looking for a safe, loving place for their fur babies, I can't say enough about RNT. I rescued my boy 3 years ago and the first time I took him for daycare I was terrified he would feel abandoned,I called about every hour to check on him and everyone was so amazing putting up with me.😊Bailey came home tired and very happy. A year and a half ago I broke my leg and I don't know what I would have done without their help. No hesitation, on short notice, they were there for both of us. After all this time when I go to pick him up he sits there looking at the girls , like, Ahhh do I have to go,I love it here.

- Margaret 

Ruff N Tumble has been amazing for us and our bulldog. We were told that our bulldog would most likely never be able to attend daycare by a trainer because he is dog reactive. After doing some work with a different trainer, talking to Jackie and getting a tour of the facility we decided to give him a chance at daycare.  My husband and I were positive that he would be there 30 min and we would get a call to come pick him up. But we didn't! I called after 2 hours to check in and they said he was doing great. Our jaws hit the floor when they said he was in and seemed to be enjoying his time. By his second visit he was in with other dogs AND playing! After a couple of visits I finally stopped calling mid way through the day to see how he was and now he can go for a full day and I don't have to worry about him.  We trust the staff at Ruff N Tumble 110%. They are well educated, caring and honest.  Crash finally has a place where he can go to run around and just be a dog. Thank you to everyone there! ❤❤❤❤❤


Ruff N Tumble has been a great place for play and socialization for my son’s dog Cooper and my border collie Maisie. My dogs are always excited to go back. I like the fact that they are well supervised. I love to see the photos they take and I have recommended Ruff nTumble to my friends and clients.

                                                                        - Cindy - DMV